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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Languages: Afrikaans

Running time: 114min

Produced by: James Alexander, Anel Alexander

Director: Joshua Rous

Starring: Anel Alexander, Nico Panagio, Sandra Vaughn, Louw Venter, Diaan Lawrenson, Paul du Toit

Age restriction: PG L

Filming locations: Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa

South African Cinematic Release date: 17 February 2012

South African Distributor: Indigenous Film Distribution



Workaholic Jaci will go to any lengths to protect the boutique advertising agency she works for from being bought and dismantled by a ruthless businessman known as ‘The Jackal’. Hope exists in the form a huge contract for a prestigious wine farming family.  But winning this contract won’t be simple. Jaci needs to convince the farm owner that she lives up to his company’s ideals of family values and commitment by proving that she is in a loving, long term relationship.

Desperate to appear to be living the balanced life she has long discarded, Jaci decides to hire a model to pretend to be her fake fiancé for the day.

At the pitch meeting the facade seems to have worked until the client insists her and her fake fiancé come away for the weekend to experience the wine farm before she pitches for the contract. Things start to get very complicated, very quickly for poor Jaci, especially since the man she has hired to be her stand-in-fiancé, is the very ‘Jackal’ himself who is trying to sink her company.

Available on:

Seiklo Publishers

iTunes South Africa

iTunes Australia

Indigenous Film Distribution Catalogue

Half a lie, half a truth, a whole shenanigan!

‘A pitch-perfect romantic comedy. It’s charming.’ – MAIL AND GUARDIAN 


Afrikaans audiences haven’t seen a proper, funny romantic comedy in decades. Semi-Soet is good, wholesome fun for everybody!’- LEON VAN NIEROP


"Semi-Soet is just right: Not too soppy or too slapstick, always exactly how you want it.’ – LAETITIA POPLE



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