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Honesty costs more.

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'A South African triumph! The SA industry needs more films like this.'


'Discreet raises the bar for local film productions by turning in an elegant product...' - THE STAR


Discreet is unusual and courageous, as well as gripping. It has a simple self-confidence and total lack of amateurishness that bodes well for the careers of its makers, while standing at a remove from the kinds of films South Africans are often told we should be making.'



'...this film ups the game, with savvy dialogue, considered performances and keen production values.' - SATURDAY STAR


‘The film boasts good performances by both actors. The message is uplifting and the topic challenging. It’s nice to see local productions of quality.’ - PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Genre: Drama

Languages: English and Afrikaans (with subtitles)

Running time: 82min

Produced by: Scramble Productions, Black Brain Pictures

Director: Joshua Rous

Starring: James Gracie, Anel Alexander

Age restriction: 16 L

Filming locations: Johannesburg, South Africa

South African Cinematic Release date: 14 November 2008

South African Distributor: Ster-Kinekor Entertainment

American Distributor: Green Apple Entertainment



Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people. Up until now, working girl Monique has always been able to give her clients exactly what they've wanted. Thomas has always been exactly what everyone else has expected. But tonight Thomas' curiosity is going to get the better of him while demanding of Monique the one thing she's reluctant to offer, honesty.      


Throughout the course of the evening the tension, emotional and sexual, builds as the two characters miss each other on the surface, whilst underneath it all, they connect in a way neither had expected or hoped for.

In a society that promotes sexual promiscuity and where true honesty is a rare commodity, Monique and Thomas take the audience on a funny, poignant and brutal journey of self-examination.


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